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Report: One Guy In A Cappella Group Just Going “Shoop”

Published Friday, March 6th, 2020

According to those in attendance at The Bear Necessities’ latest arch sing, one guy in the a cappella group was just going “shoop.”

The three-song set, which contained a Disney medley, “American Boy,” and “Lovefool,” was a feat for Owen Markinson ‘23, who just went “shoop” for 20 minutes straight while everyone else took turns singing harmonies, beatboxing, and performing high-energy solos.

“Props to that guy just going ‘shoop’ the whole time,” spectator Daphne LePew ‘22 said, as Markinson took tiny, measured breaths in between his endless stream of “shoops.” “I doubt this is what he was expecting when he auditioned for a cappella. But, hey, someone’s gotta go ‘shoop.’ Maybe next year he’ll get to sing actual words.”

“Others get to go ‘bum ba dum’ or even ‘bow wow wow,’ but all this guy gets to do is ‘shoop,’” LaPew continued, noting that the ‘shoops’ barely even changed in pitch or rhythm from song to song. “He’s the real hero of this concert. Without the ‘shoops,’ every arrangement would just feel empty.”

At press time, Markinson serenaded his unit-mates by practicing his “shoops” in the shower every day.

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