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Saxophone Boy Just Honking His Big Ol’ Horn

Published Friday, March 6th, 2020

Sources report that Saxophone Boy is just honking his big ol’ horn.

“Toot toot,” went the Saxophone Boy, absolutely wailing on his jumbo piece of brass. “Skooby dooby doop doo whoop whoop bop.”

“Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap,” continued the Saxophone Boy, really laying wind into his big honking tube. “Boooop bwapppp oooop bwapppp boopiy dooooop dwaaap doop doop skibby boop.”

“Dee doo dee doo dee doo wop wop dibby doop bwapidy booop,” finished the Saxophone Boy, totally crushing the tune with his shining gold funk machine. “Dooop doopidy doopidy doopidy dooooooooooooooop dooooooooooooooop dewwwwwwwp.”

At press time, Flute Girl was squealing on her slick lil’ steel stick.

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