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School Bus Driver Wishes He Could Sit In Back With Cool Kids

Published Friday, December 4th, 2015

Gazing yearningly in the rear view mirror of his school bus, long-time bus driver Greg Fein stated his wish to sit in back with all the cool kids.

“Brayden and Alex always hang out back there,” said Fein, adding that he can usually see the brim of Alex’s baseball cap poking up over the very last seat in the bus. “They’re always playing Nintendo DS and waving to the other drivers to see if they wave back. I bet it’s unreal back there."

“They got a truck to honk the other day. It was so cool,” Fein finished, glancing in the mirror again even though he promised he wouldn’t.

Sources confirm that Fein can hear, with excruciating clarity, every whoop and giggle from the back. “Sometimes they get too loud and I have to tell them to quiet down, but I always wait until I absolutely have to. Hate to be the guy that ruins the vibe they have going on back there,” Fein said, before recounting the time he tried to make conversation with Brayden but the distance made it too difficult to continue. “Oh, and when McKayla gets on the bus, they all yell her name and then she high-fives everyone as she walks down the aisle. I never get to high-five anyone, because I’m all the way up here.”

At press time, Fein was saddened to realize that since he sits at the very front of the bus, he must be the biggest nerd of all.

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