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So You’re At Brown, But You’re On The Computer? How Does That Work? By Your Aunt

Published Friday, February 5th, 2021

So you go to school at Brown, but your classes are on the computer? How exactly does that work? Do you guys still go to a classroom? You’re joking! You just stay in your bedroom all day? I’ve heard of taking classes in the classroom, but taking classes from your dorm, imagine that!

So how do you get to your online classes? Do you just log on to every morning? Or are you using that “Zoom” website everyone has been talking about? Well, you could definitely teach me a thing or two about that! At least you’re learning more about computers from all these Zoom classes, right? Always look on the bright side!

But if you have to stay in your room all day, how do you get food? Can’t get that over Zoom, can you? Ha, of course not! Oh, you can order delivery online? How fancy! Don’t get too used to it, we don’t all live in luxury like that!

So if you can’t go to class or get food, how do you make friends? Is that online too? Ah, “pods” — you know, the word still sounds like something out of a science fiction movie to me! Are those the same things as “bubbles?”

So then everything’s just on the computer? Wow, imagine that! Who knew you could do all of college right from your bedroom. Not what you expected, huh?

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