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Stray A Cappella Singer Spotted Under Wayland Arch Signals Arrival Of Spring

Published Friday, March 12th, 2021

After a stray member of a cappella group The Bear Necessities was spotted under Wayland Arch, sources have reported that spring has officially begun.

“I was walking home when I saw a flurry of movement in the corner of my eye,” recalled senior Damon Seifert, recounting his chance sighting of the wandering baritone Tuesday night. “I looked through the arch and, sure enough, there he was — wearing suspenders, a zany tie, and singing a backup part for ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations. You know that winter is almost over when these little guys come out of the woodwork.”

Sources report that, after a long winter of shielding themselves from the elements, a cappella singers are once again flocking to campus archways in a spectacular natural phenomenon.

“I heard a pitch pipe near MoChamp arch,” freshman Guy Clements said, detailing his unexpected encounter with a handful of Brown Derbies. “I went to investigate and found three fellas in little hats doing vocal warmups. After a long, hard winter, it’s great to see them skittering around again. Spring has sprung!”

At press time, a stray drunk guy spotted demolishing some mozz sticks in Jo’s indicated that the end of the pandemic might be in sight.

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