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Textbook Author Tosses In Exclamation Point To Get Readers Excited About Key Concept 4.2

Published Friday, April 19th, 2019

Eagerly typing out another section of his upcoming Economics textbook, Professor Adlai Woodsworth decided to toss in an exclamation point to let readers know just how exciting Key Concept 4.2 is.

“This is an incredibly intriguing point,” Woodsworth said, enthusiastically rereading the brief section summary he had written in a special textbox. “Sure, you might start to lose interest by Section 3(b). But Key Concept 4.2? Students reading this really need to get hyped up about what a big deal this idea is.”

Woodsworth explained that he added an exclamation point to the end of the sentence to connote just how exhilarating this particular fact should be to readers. “I tried ending it with a period, but it just wasn’t doing it justice.”

At press time, Woodsworth was adding a string of rhetorical questions to get readers curious about what’s to come in Chapter 5.

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