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Two Weeks In L.A. And The Only Celebrity I’ve Seen Is Josh Brolin 300 Times

Published Friday, November 4th, 2016

When I told my friends I was moving to Los Angeles, they were so excited for me. They told me that the weather would be great, there would be a lot of cool job opportunities, and that I’d see celebrities everywhere. Well, they weren’t quite right on that last one, because I’ve been in L.A. for two weeks now and the only celebrity I’ve seen is Josh Brolin 300 times.

Weird, right? I’ve been walking all around this city since I got here, and I’ve had my eyes peeled for anyone famous. But so far it’s only been Josh Brolin again and again and again and again until I can’t stand it anymore. Give me a break!

The first time I saw him was pretty cool. “That’s the guy from ‘No Country for Old Men’!” I said to myself as I saw him strolling through Santa Monica. But a few hundred more times? Now, every time I see him walking his dog or grabbing a meal at a diner, stepping into a convenience store, waiting in line at the bank or holding hands with his wife on the boulevard, I just roll my eyes.

“That’s just Josh Brolin again,” I always think, as I turn around to inevitably find him somehow standing behind me. It’s driving me crazy!

One time I actually introduced myself. He was very polite and said it was nice to meet me, and then we parted ways. Imagine my disappointment when, as I was walking away, I ran into Josh Brolin again down the street! I was so peeved.

It could have been Jennifer Lawrence. It could have been Lupita Nyong’o. It could have been Will Smith, or Paul Rudd, or Oscar Isaac. But it wasn’t. It was just Josh Brolin for the 300th time.

I’ll be honest; a big reason I moved to L.A. was to see a lot of different celebrities. But I guess my friends forgot to specify which celebrities I’d see or how often I’d see the same one every single place I go. And frankly, I’m getting a little tired of running into Josh Brolin a dozen times a day, every day, until I want to scream in fear and exhaustion.

Guess I’m just unlucky that way.

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