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Unclear if Grandma’s Facebook Hacked or She Just Really Interested in Candy Crush Saga Now

Published Friday, May 12th, 2023

Sources indicate that Grandma’s Facebook may have been compromised by malicious actors, or maybe she’s just on a big Candy Crush kick right now.

“I became worried after receiving 35 notifications inviting me to play Candy Crush Saga,” said teen Ben Wallingford as he scrolled through his grandmother’s Facebook page. “Usually it’s just her tagging me in the comments of some kitten rescue video or a fundraiser that’s probably a scam. This many notifications means that she’s managed to start up her computer on consecutive days without calling me for help, which seems suspicious.”

“Grandma’s posts about how fun the game is were full of typos,” added Wallingford as he considered reporting her account for suspicious activity. “I wasn’t sure if I should interpret that as Boomer technical ineptitude or evidence of a Russian hacker struggling with the language barrier.”

At press time, it was uncertain whether Mom joined a pyramid scheme or just got really into weight-loss supplements.

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