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What Time Is It There Again? by Your Mom In Central Time Zone

Published Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Hi darling! How is everything? Good? Good! Oh, I’m doing okay. Your father and I are about to try this new place for dinner, but we want to head over before it gets too dark. It gets dark so early these days, I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing — wait, what time is it there again?

Here in Omaha it’s 4:30, but I know you’re in a different time zone. This whole time zone thing is such a headache. It’s like you’re on a whole different planet! Let’s see, you’re how many hours ahead? Or are you behind? I can never remember. When your sister went to college in Illinois this was never an issue. Just walk me through this. Is it two hours behind — or ahead? Three hours ahead? Is it 7:30 there?

Oh, it’s 5:30? So that’s… what, an hour difference? Huh. Alright. So when you called me the other night at 10, it was actually 11 for you? How crazy is that!

So if you were in Omaha, and I was in Providence, then I would be… an hour ahead? And you would be an hour behind? So if it was 9 AM there that would make it 8 AM here? Or — wait, it would be the other way around, wouldn’t it? Or… oh no, I think I’m confusing myself again. Can you just let me know what time it is there one more time?

5:35? Alright. Is it dark there already, then? It is? That’s unbelievable! The sun just started setting here. Must be something to do with those crazy time zones. But I’ll bet that once it’s 5:00 here, which would make it — let’s see — 8:30 there? Well, at that point it must be dark in both places.

Oh, was that wrong? I must have gotten my numbers mixed up again. Sweetie, just one more time for your old mother — what time is it there again?

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