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Woman Hopes Man Taking Pictures Of Her On Street Creating Tasteful Photo Series Of Powerful Women

Published Friday, November 4th, 2016

After noticing a man taking candid photos of her as she walked down the street, local woman Grace Whittier hoped that he was compiling pictures for a tasteful photo series of powerful women.

“He’s smirking to himself and nodding, which I know seems like a bad sign,” explained Whittier, as she attempted to hide her body behind a lamppost. “But I like to think that maybe this man is invading my personal space and making me extremely uncomfortable because he is working on a really nice digital photo series in which he will showcase women who are working hard and minding their own business.”

Whittier, who was clearly uncomfortable and unhappy with the event that was taking place, went on to explain, “Who am I to stop this guy from creating his art? This is just something that needs to happen, no two ways around it. Last week a guy on the subway pulled out his penis and asked me to look at it, and I’m sure he was just doing research for a project about how working mothers react when they are surprised by an unsolicited penis on their commute," Whittier explained, as she did her best to look like she was on the phone to avoid being accosted by a man telling her she had a great body.“Sometimes it all feels like a little much, but then I remember that this is how these men express themselves creatively. Who am I to judge?”

At press time, Whittier was seen trying to convince herself that the man forcibly trying to kiss her hand at the bus stop was filming a music video about the importance of consent.

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