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Yellow SciLi Discovered In Dubai Airport

Published Friday, March 9th, 2018

According to Brown students and alumni traveling through the Middle Eastern city, the SciLi has a twin in the Dubai airport.

“I had a connection through Dubai while visiting home over break,” said Senior Ariana Chu. “And I saw this huge, yellow, brutalist building. I realized right away that it looked just like the SciLi.” Reportedly, the SciLi duplicate had 15 identical floors, 3 elevators, and even a cafe in the lobby. “The only difference between the two,” said Chu, “is that the one in Dubai is bright yellow.”

“At the start I thought people were joking,” said Freshman Max Harris, voicing the opinion of many Brown students who questioned the Dubai’s SciLi existence at first, “But over break one of my friends connected through Dubai and posted a photo on their Snapstory. I still don’t understand why anyone would want another SciLi in the first place. It definitely looks weird painted yellow, though.”

According to firsthand accounts from Dubai International Airport, the SciLi twin is difficult to miss. Located between a Duty Free store and a massage kiosk, many patrons look twice at the hulking library. Some have even gone out of their way to catch a glimpse of the library duplicate, making the trek to Terminal 4 just to tell their friends back home what they saw.

At Brown, some students seemed disappointed at the presence of another SciLi. “It definitely makes ours feel less special,” said Harris. “But if I’m in Dubai, I guarantee you I’ll go and check it out.”

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