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Owner Of Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant Has No Idea Where The Sushi Comes From

Published Friday, December 4th, 2015

Joseph Ito, owner of the conveyor belt sushi restaurant Majikku, says he has no idea where all of the sushi actually comes from.

“One day the sushi just started coming out,” said Ito, his eyes wide with awe as he watched a spicy tuna roll pass by. “It’s unbelievable. The conveyor belt speeds up during rush hour and turns off at night when the customers are gone. How does it know to do that!?”

Sources confirm that Ito once tried to follow the conveyor belt back through the hole in the wall but stopped when the waft of wasabi started to burn his eyes.

Ito added, “Every morning when I come to open the restaurant, the conveyor belt starts running and brings me out a few pieces of sushi. It knows I like unagi! Can you believe that?”

At press time, Ito was amazed and delighted to see the conveyor belt bring out bowls of green tea ice cream for dessert.

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