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Johnny Depp’s New Perfume Just Something He Calls “Scarf Smell”

Published Friday, April 20th, 2018

Okay so we heard that Johnny Depp’s new perfume is just something he calls “Scarf Smell”…? The new perfume will be available at Macy’s… we think. But like who would want to buy that?

“Yeah um it’s a fragrance I’m calling Scarf Smell,” said Johnny Depp, expecting us to know what that meant. “It is exactly what it sounds like.”


Bare with us because we’re trying to figure this out too. We have the same information you do: 1) Depp’s signature fragrance is in partnership with Dior and 2) it’s just something he’s calling Scarf Smell. What is that? That’s where we run up against some real confusion.

“I wanted to represent myself in the most authentic way possible. So I made Scarf Smell,” said Depp before we gave him a blank look. “It’s the smell of scarves. I don’t know how else to explain it.”

Ummmmm okay????

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